Wild – Week 14

We were assigned to watch a movie and look for the four habits of persistence, then blog about it.

I chose a movie listed in the week 13 webinar – Wild.  I had wanted to see it for some time.  The movie, based on a true story written by Cheryl Strayed, is described:

Driven to the edge by the loss of her beloved mother (Laura Dern), the dissolution of her marriage and a headlong dive into self-destructive behavior, Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon) makes a decision to halt her downward spiral and put her life back together again. With no outdoors experience, a heavy backpack and little else to go on but her own will, Cheryl sets out alone to hike the Pacific Crest Trail — one of the country’s longest and toughest through-trails.

The obstacles and challenges she faces are daunting at times and assessing the movie based on the four habits of persistence was easy – they were clear.

1 – A definite purpose backed by a burning desire for its fulfillment.

She is tested the minute she tries on her pack.  I think it weighed as much as she did.  The first day and night was almost enough to cause her to turn around and go back:

  • Wild MovieHer pack was HEAVY and HOT. Because the starting point was the Mojave Desert she only went a few miles.
  • Putting up her tent was something she was not prepared to do and it took her some time.
  • She had purchased the wrong fuel for her portable stove so she had to eat cold mush for many days until she came to a place where she could purchase the correct fuel.
  • She was not prepared for the desert night noises and didn’t sleep much the first night.

In spite of these challenges, she resolves to continue.

 2 – A definite plan, expressed in continuous action.

Cheryl used dogged determination when facing difficulties and she always came back to her plan, finish the trail.  Her fortitude grew stronger the further she went, no matter what the obstacle.  Toward the end of the movie it didn’t even seem to be an issue anymore – she just kept going.

3 – A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends, and acquaintances.

cheryl strayed coldWhen Cheryl would call to check in with her ex at different points on the trail, he asked if she was ready to quit.  Even a stranger told her he thought she should quit.  She would simply state that she would not quit.  It seemed that when they told her she should quit, it just made her more stubborn to stay and complete the trail.

4 – Friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.

sheryl and JoshCheryl made alliances with other hikers and would meet them at certain points on the trail.  They would exchange information and spend rest time, then continue their journey.  These individuals helped her keep her resolve because they understood the reason she was pursuing this goal.

I tried not to give too much of the movie away in case you would like to watch it for yourself.  It illustrates the four habits very well. It was a good movie.

** Not for Children

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