Week 5 – So Many Things

It was a busy, challenging, and also a rewarding week.

Busy at work; busy personally.  Challenging – garage door went out, I messed up a form at work (more than once; more than twice), stayed home ill on Tuesday, had deadlines.  I’m struggling through “Compensation.”


  • I worked through the feelings of inadequacy from messing up at work.
    There’s still a slight twinge, but I’ll get over it
  • Stayed in bed much of the day on Tuesday and realized that I need to schedule a down day now and then to just rest. I don’t have to push all the time.
  • Met deadlines
  • Posted my Press Release. I’m sure I’ll update it a few times
  • Posted my updated DMP on time
  • Will get this Blog up TODAY

But most important I had a realization that the Press Release is an easier way to apply emotion to my DMP.  The visual picture it creates allows my imagination to illuminate the direction I’m setting in my DMP.  This also helps the Movie Trailer have more impact because playing back the press release is not only seeing everything accomplished in the past, but it’s also like telling a story.  Stories are easy to remember.  I can see using this during Sit time in the future.

As I work through rewrites of the Press Release, I expect my DMP will have a few edits as well.

This course has been work.  It’s been enlightening.  It’s helped me change in ways I’ve longed to change.  The coursework has at times taken willpower and I haven’t been perfect at it, but staying faithful is gratifying.

I have great expectations of the coming weeks.  I know there will be more understanding and results.  This keeps me coming back.

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