Press Release


NM Balloon


Ellen decided to meet at the Annual Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and secured a ride in one of the balloons for us for this interview.  What a remarkable event.  It took us a little while to get into the interview because there is so much to see – the energy is exhilarating.



I asked her why she chose this venue and she said it is near and dear to her heart.  The fiesta started with 13 balloons in 1972 in a mall parking lot and grew to 40 balloons by 1973 necessitating a move to the Fair Grounds.  This year there were approximately 550 balloons at Balloon Fiesta Park and it was incredible.  She crewed for a balloon in 1982 at Fiesta and made her maiden flight then.  She thought it would be a great experience for us to conduct the interview in a balloon.

When we asked what is first and foremost in her life, she passionately stated that a relationship with God (outside of religious norms and constraints) motivates her to do everything in her life.  She wants to see her life bigger each day.  Ellen told us that she doesn’t think most Christians see the abundance that’s available by believing the Bible for what it says and not for what someone tells you it says.  She wants to experience all that is available.

I asked her how she thought she would do that and Ellen said she knows the key is in our thoughts.  The Bible calls it a renewed mind, and in her quest to find how the brain works she has become aware of the significance the subconscious plays in changing our thoughts.   She has just not found the tools to help with that process till last year.  This is why she went through the MKMMA training.  This understanding has allowed her to help many people change their lives.

The results have been phenomenal.  In the last year her health has improved so much that she is able to do the things she loves.  The expression on her face when she talks about the activities she enjoys is very telling:  life is exciting and full.  She is dancing, hiking in the NM mountains, upgrading her home, even riding horses again.

Ellen is a high earner in an MLM company that produces a product that improves people’s lives.  She is passionate about the company and helping people.  We can see she is going far with this company and will one day be a top earner.  This has given her independence to travel all over the US and Internationally.  As with any MLM company, there are events in major cities which she attends and works with her group to help them succeed.  Her favorite place to travel is the Caribbean, but Kauai is a close second after her visit this year.

The love she has for her family is evident.  When she talks about her family she talks a little faster and has a big smile on her face.  They travel with her when they can and they are planning a cruise next year for which Ellen is paying.  This fulfills one of her dreams of treating her family to a great vacation.


We spent the evening at Ellen’s home.  It is a beautiful house she’s been fixing up.  The weather was delightful so we ate on the patio and enjoyed the lovely yard.  It’s a peaceful home that reflects Ellen’s calm, deliberate manner.  It’s a great reflection of her personality.

We had a wonderful time getting to know each other and the day was spectacular riding in the balloon and relaxing afterward.  We are so glad we decided to visit New Mexico – it’s a beautiful state.

Mark and The Fab Davene.