Play the What If? Game – Week 23

When my daughter was around 3 or 4 years old we would play games in the car.  I would spell a three letter word slowly and by using phonics, she would figure out the word.  Another game we played was “What if?”

Here’s how it went:

What if cows were purple?  Would milk taste like grape?

What if the sky was green?  Would grass be blue?

You get the idea.  It stimulated imagination.

Many, many years later I used this to help myself in areas where I was challenged to believe for something I wanted to manifest.  When I’d get stuck in my head I would play the What If game.  What if (whatever I wanted to manifest) happened?  This opened up my imagination to picture what it would be like and also to feel what it would be to have what I wanted.

I had gotten away from that.

So, I started using this again with my Definite Major Purpose (DMP).  What would it feel like to have what I wanted?  As I read each statement or, if short on time, pick one of the  statements I wanted to see next, I could more easily add emotion to the statement(s).

This definitely helps add enthusiasm to my read or reciting.

It also helps during the day if I start thinking negatively.  I have quoted a few statements from my DMP during these times and that helps redirect my thinking.  But, if I want to add more oomph to it or if I am having trouble changing my mind, I can play the What If Game.  What if …, then my imagination begins to produce pictures and emotions start associating with the pictures.  It really helps me get out of a direction or mood I don’t want to be in.

It’s a simple trick.  Simple is good and imagination is powerful.

What if…?

I could be what I want to be?

I could see what I want to see?

I could have what I want to have?

What if?





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