Week 3 – More Emotion

I danced when I was younger. I watch Dancing With The Stars (DWTS).  My inner dancer feels the moves the dancers make and I get lost in it. Dancing requires you to put your heart, soul, and mind into what you do; otherwise, you will not be able to communicate a feeling and a story […]

Week 2 – Progress and Changes

I headed up to Denver with a family member this past weekend to celebrate my Aunt’s 95th birthday.  It was so wonderful to see her and the family, but there is also an underlying sadness not knowing if we will see her again. During the time away; although it was challenging to keep up with […]

Week 1 – Let’s Get Started

I’m embarking on a new adventure – one unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. This is week one of The MasterKey Experience which is based on the book Andrew Carnegie gave to Napoleon Hill when he presented his challenge to Hill.  I like the idea of going to the source even though “Think and Grow Rich” […]