I Am My Own Hero – Week 19

I had quite an experience last week.

A little background:  I was raised by an incredibly critical woman.  She loved me, but had so much fear that the only way she knew how to cope was to criticize others.  That gets into comparing ourselves which I addressed in Week 17HJ.  It can only lead to disaster.

All my life I’ve struggled with that voice in my head.  Try as I may, I would work at not being critical and then the voice would return.

Last week I was watching a video and enjoying it.  I suddenly realized that I did not have one critical thought.  It was very freeing, yet uncomfortable because I felt a bit exposed.  Where had the old fear gone?

As we travel through the Hero’s Journey, we come to a place where we face the unknown.  We can face it with our previous fears or go through a process that eliminates those fears and experience the discomfort of being free – until we get used to it and like it.

Free from those fears and free to become who we want to become and who we are meant to become.  It takes a willingness to let go of learned constraints and participate in the unknown – the new adventure.  Yes, it takes courage but isn’t life more genuine and vibrant when we are on a courageous adventure?

We don’t need to go to far away places or meet people who have had their own quests to feel alive. We can have the adventure of becoming the person we’ve only dreamed of becoming – and maybe even given up on.  We can do this in our living rooms.  It’s never too late.

Only I can determine where I want to go, what I want to become. The only hero in my life is me.

I would not be at this place in my life without The Master Key Experience (MKE) and I now have the tools to continue on my own quest to who I want to become.

I get to be my own Wonder Woman.


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