Gratitude – Week 15

I’m a bit late getting my blog posted.  I don’t like to be late because that means I broke a promise.

I have exercised gratitude in my life almost on a daily basis, but this new exercise of writing out three gratitude cards each day is stretching me to look deeper to find those things for which I’m grateful.  Since we cannot write the same thing once it is written, sometimes it takes a bit of thinking to express a new gratitude.

Along with the gratitude cards, we have continued to add various accomplishments we have had in our lifetime.  I hadn’t thought about any accomplishments in so long that took a lot of thinking.  Some still come to me now that I’m in the habit so I keep adding them. It’s refreshing to look back on life and see that there have been some really cool things that I haven’t looked at in a long time.

sun heartPeople are so prone to look at their lives with regret.  I’ve fought that one.  Thinking patterns are habits and we change habits by replacing negative ones with positive ones.  Looking at past accomplishments and discovering what sparks an attitude of gratitude is replacing old patterns of thinking in my life.

This week I’ve had an old health issue come up.  I was raised by someone who constantly thought of their health and sometimes used it to gain attention from the rest of the family.  The incessant negative thoughts about health did have an affect on me.  One affect is for me to fight those types of thoughts in my own life – it’s a generational curse (it was learned from a grandparent).

This morning I got up and the health annoyance was quite prevalent.  At first, I was bugged by it and a bit fearful.  I’ve seen a pattern to it and saw the pattern again today.  I took some positive actions which included just saying, “NO.”  I have on my DMP, along with some specifics, that 2018 is my greatest year of health.  How dare my old blueprint try and take me backward!

As I worked my DMP in my mind, quoted some Scripture,

Beloved I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers.

III John 2

and refused to entertain anything but healthy thoughts, I saw change in how I was feeling.  I’m not going to give in.  I have determined to live the rest of my life to it’s fullest and I refuse to be taken out when I’m on the brink of something wonderful.

Along this line, I read a great blog by Charles Snowden I’d like to share.


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