Concentration – Week 17


The gameshow Concentration was a favorite from the 50’s into the 70’s.  Game show contestants had to remember where matching pieces of a puzzle were in order to gain points.  It took focus, concentration, and recall.

Concentration is defined as exclusive attention to one object; close mental application.

We live in a distracted world – have you seen drivers lately?  If I see someone behind me while driving with their head down, I move into another lane or pay very close attention.  I honked my horn the other day because a driver was coming up on me, head down, and probably would have rear ended me if I hadn’t figured out a way to get their attention.  They were inches away from my bumper  when I honked.

So Master Key spoke on concentration this week and during our Sit we were to be attentive to concentration.  I was surprised to see immediate results.  I was definitely more focused at work because I had better concentration.  Amazing how that works – that upon which we think, manifests.

I can be what I will to be.  As I continue to think and meditate on those characteristics I want to see in my life, I continue to see the changes I desire.  Let me clarify that I am a Christian so my meditation time is also my prayer time.  Actually, mostly my prayer time while also doing the exercise.

In fact, I had an item on my DMP with a due date of January 15th.  As time came closer to the due date, I considered moving it out as I was not seeing any result.  But during my prayer time, I was encouraged to wait.  BAMB – when the 15th rolled around I saw my result and I had an unshakable confidence that it was absolutely accomplished.  That has certainly invigorated me to concentrate on the dates I have listed in my DMP with greater faith.

I was very please with the results this week. I will continue to apply concentration because it made such a difference in my week.  But then, I’ll continue to apply all the principles I can from this class because they work.


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