Comfort Zone – Week 20

When I started my journey in the Master Key Experience, six months sounded like a long time.  Now in week 20 of 24, I’m sad that it will end soon.  I know we are prepared to wing it on our own.  Well not really, I have a wonderful mastermind, but I will miss the contact with Mark and Davene.

After the last webby, I have a newfound commitment to the material.

One of the topics of the webby is comfort zone.  Not stepping out of my comfort zone keeps me living the “same” life over and over.  I’ll never get out of what I’ve come to know as “normal” if I don’t finally step out of my comfort zone

Stepping out of the comfort zone can be fear inducing.  What if I could use that fear to inspire myself to do what I don’t want to do rather than retreating back into the comfort zone?  That would cause me to take action and see the results I so desire but have never seen

Let’s say I am afraid to talk to new people.  Well the bodily reaction to fear is akin to the same reaction to excitement.  So, I can actually change the fear of talking to someone I’ve never met to excitement to talk to a new person.  By changing my thinking about a situation can change the situation.

How do I look at things?  From the eyes in my comfort zone or from new eyes of adventure and wonder – like a child would see the world.

How do I want to live?  The way I’ve lived for years and years or do I want to spend my last years enjoying life and doing new things?  I don’t want to die with regrets – never have.  I just didn’t know how to get out of the cycle.  Now I can change things.  I can use negatives like guilt, anger, hurt feelings, fear, unworthiness to motivate me to do what I’ve never done before and see the success I long for.  I do this by changing the negatives into positive motivation to do what I’m reluctant to do.

How?  By changing the way I look at them.  Life is in our thoughts.  How do I want to think about life and myself from this moment forward?  It’s up to me!

And I choose to be a positive influence in my own life.

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