After Class and Quantum Physics

I haven’t blogged in a while, but that’s OK.

I’m a process thinker and after six months of class, I wanted to allow some time for things to settle in and to process some of what I’ve learned.  I’ve been through intensive learning before and I know that I will reap the benefits for years to come.  And, I’m continuing with the program so I wanted to get settled in what I’ve learned before adding to it.

I have the foundation, keys, and secrets to change my thinking.  I have also built some amazing habits that have become so much a part of me, I do not feel “normal” if I don’t continue in them.

During my processing time, I happened upon a remarkable book.  It is Quantum Faith by Annette Capps.

I’ve been intrigued by quantum physics for some time and have done what I can to get a grasp it – to incorporate it into my thinking.  I haven’t been all that successful…until…

This book lays it out in an easy to understand way and I find, combined with my six-month class, I am accelerating in the application of what I’ve learned.  I change my mind more quickly now when it gets off track because of this understanding.

Quantum physics is the study of things so small that we cannot see them and everything we see is made of these subatomic particles.  Everything is made from things that cannot be seen.

We learn about atoms and their subatomic particles like electrons in school.

The interesting thing is that scientists have discovered that the electron that is shown orbiting the nucleus is not always there in particle form. It exists in a wave state (like a cloud, everywhere at once) until someone looks at it. When the scientist observes it, it suddenly appears as a particle.

One of the difficulties in quantum physics is that the particles behave somewhat differently for each observer, which leads me to the question, ‘does it behave according to what the scientist believes?’ The substance from which our world is made is influenced and manifested by words. The things that you desire are made up of atoms. They know what you believe, hear what you say and behave accordingly.

These particles can be influenced by what we believe – our thoughts and our words.  Words are more important than we realize and guarding our thoughts is the most important work we can do.  If I influence my world differently that you influence your world then each of us can manifest the world we want.  We live according to our beliefs – good or bad.

Boy has this made it easier for me to change my mind quickly.  I’ve caught myself starting to think in old ways and stopped, decided how I want to think, and changed how I think. Things are changing all around me daily.

What words am I silently speaking?  What am I speaking about my situation?  What am I speaking about myself, my health, my finances???  What am I thinking about the world around me?  What do I believe about my future?

Seriously, the last six months have been life changing and then this book has been a catalyst to put it all into action quickly.

I can honestly say – I will never be the same.

And I like that.



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