Who’s Ellen?

Ellen Ward

Teachers sent home notes from school that I daydreamed too much.  It seems as I got older it was easy to let those dreams disappear in the responsibilities of life.  But they refuse to let go.  There are just too many choices and life is full of possibilities

I’ve moved almost 40 times during my life and decided to settle down in 1998 – staying in one place has been a new experience.  With all the moves, I had many different jobs.  Most of them have centered around administrative support which is somewhat routine and somewhat drop what you’re doing and fix this situation.  So I’m a problem solver.

I’ve always been keen on developing myself and being the best I can be.  At times, I’ve become distracted from this ambition, but always seems to come back to it.  MKE is my way of staying focused on self development and becoming who I want to be.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, working in my yard, fixing up my house, and travel.